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CKAN delivered by Link Digital Support

ckan delivered by Link Digital

The following FAQ has been prepared to help you with the most common issues encountered by those new to setting up CKAN.

This support page has been prepared for CKAN delivered by Link Digital (version 2.2), which can be found on the AWS marketplace.

Q. How do I SSH into my instance?

A. Follow the AWS guide for Connecting to Your Linux/Unix Instances Using SSH.

Q. What is available with this version of CKAN?

A. The marketplace instance has the base CKAN 2.4 install with Pages (a mini CMS), Spatial, Harvest and Datastore (Tabular Data API) add-ons configured to work out of the box.

End User License Agreement for ckan delivered by Link Digital

CKAN is licensed specifically under the terms of the Affero GNU GPL v3.0.

CKAN is open source, free software. This means that you can use it without any license fees but more importantly, when you choose CKAN for your catalog you are also ensuring that you retain all rights to the data and metadata you enter, giving you freedom to move it elsewhere or manipulate it with your own tools without restriction. - See more at:

CKAN is currently used by governments and organizations worldwide to power both official and community data portals. CKAN was developed by the non-profit Open Knowledge Foundation and is today overseen and managed by the CKAN Association. - See more at:

products & services

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