The Published Data Cookbook was first introduced at the International Open Data Conference in May by Open Knowledge Australia board member and director of Link Digital, Steven De Costa.

The Cookbook is intended to become an important and valuable resource for the open data publishing community worldwide. It has been designed to help people and organisations share data publishing methods in a practical format that others can reproduce or adapt for their own circumstances.

Whether you want to write an open data policy, publish a specific data type or run a hackathon, we expect the Published Data Cookbook will soon have a simple recipe for you to follow.

If you have been involved in an open data initiative or project then you might have some recipes of your own to share.

Contribute to the first edition of the Cookbook right now! If you have any questions or would like to get more involved as an editor or approver of recipes you can ping Steven over twitter via @starl3n.

You can also follow the project via updates on the Open Knowledge Australia blog.

Data Publishing Methods, 29 may 2015

Introduction to the Published Data Cookbook approach at the 3rd International Open Data Coference.