Link Digital is an end-to-end Data Architecture Firm with expertise in Open Data Portals, Data Workflow Development, and Dynamic Visualisation Systems. We offer a full suite of digital data services, from hosting and storage solutions to custom business-based indexing, cataloging, and visualisation experiences.

We are seeking sales director to plan and execute on sales activity to drive growth in direct and partner facilitated client acquisition.

The ideal candidate will have strong technical sales experience selling to Government and enterprise clients.

What you’ll be selling

Professional and managed services with an increasing focus over time on productised offerings via a global partner network. The primary service offering is the establishment and ongoing management of data catalogues architected on CKAN, Drupal and Amazon Web Services.

How you’ll be supported

You’ll receive marketing and product definition support from our R&D team, pre-sales support from our operations team and inside sales support from an executive assistant.

How you’ll succeed

After a three month onboarding and familiarisation period you’ll have demonstrated a strong grasp of our key selling points, established a strong way of working within the leadership team and established processes which have already increased the value of existing sales efforts. After the first 12 months you’ll have firmly established your value within the leadership team, become instrumental in the acquisition of numerous key clients and be well on the way toward driving our long term growth objectives within multiple market geographies and segments.


Our staff work from a variety of locations. Some time would need to be spent onboarding in either Canberra, Australia or Berlin, Germany. After that, you can work from almost anywhere in the world (with a stable internet connection).


Professional level proficiency with English is required, with strong written communication skills. We’d love to find someone with one or more additional languages, so please let us know


Applications can be sent to info at Please include your CV and a cover letter. We only hire people who have a strong personal alignment with our company values. Please take a look at those before applying. If this looks like something you’d love to do then we’d love to hear from you.