Over 20 years in the industry

Who we are

Founded in Australia in 2001, we have been developing solutions based on the world’s leading Open Source data portal platform; CKAN since 2012. Now with presence in five cities around the globe, we have implemented scores of open data solutions for governments, and commercial and non-profit clients, around the world.

We focus on making data easily discoverable and searchable – facilitating users’ presentation and interpretation of data for the basis of making sound decisions and solving real-world problems.
Exploiting our unique mix of creativity, strategic advice and technical expertise, our services focus on the end-to-end application development and support of all kinds of data portal based solutions.

Our expertise lie in all elements of open data management:

  • Data architecture including metadata, indexing, cataloguing and dataset management
  • Web and UI design and development for dynamic data manipulation and visualisation
  • Integration to a range of database and data management technologies, and data workflow development
  • Combining data management systems with content management systems
  • Cloud computing and hosted environments.

We combine this with our deep knowledge of CKAN, and our Agile Methodology, to deliver successful project outcomes at all levels of scale, from point solutions to cloud-based enterprise implementations.

We are a global open information technology company focused on helping our clients make meaningful change with open data.

Our values

Built with a mission to create meaningful change for our staff, clients and the community; our five core values are at the heart of everything we do.
Our team steps to a beat of purpose and commitment, at our heart, to deliver a results driven service for clients. Our clients trust us to provide solutions that work, and as a team, we do our best to produce high quality, agreed-upon results.
We continue to learn, practice and teach to release our best. Where others see adversity and challenges, we see opportunities to foster growth. Our focus, consistency and persistence has propelled us to be amongst the leaders in a number of specialised digital practices.
It’s a simple truth, honest business is good business. We work collectively as professional and ethically aligned teammates who act with integrity to deliver transparency. Honesty is imperative to our success and developed relationships.
We work together with discipline and determination to make Link Digital the best it can be. Combining a diverse set of expertise, our cross-functional teams communicate and collaborate in order to achieve success and drive innovation.
We find the joy of innovation in all we do. Equipped with curiosity, passion, and dedication to our mission, we strive to be creative rather than reactive to effectively solve problems and generate ideas that add unique value for our clients.

Our leadership team

Steven De Costa
Executive Director
Steven De Costa
Executive Director
Angela Hulford
General Manager
Angela Hulford
General Manager
Aleksey Pavlyuk
Operations Manager
Aleksey Pavlyuk
Operations Manager

Our way of working

At Link Digital our way of working is heavily influenced by our vision; To create meaningful change and, we do this by remaining true to our core values.

As an open information technology company with a largely distributed and growing team, with a similarly distributed list of clients growing around the world, our day to day operations are supported by tools and strong engagement with open communities.

We are highly engaged as a co-steward of the CKAN  open source project, with several staff directly involved in the Governance, community and technical teams. This involvement benefits our clients as we act as proxy for their interest in CKAN’s technical road map, update releases and sustainability initiatives.

As an agile team, we employ Scrum methodology work managed via one-week sprints. Jira provides our clients with direct and immediate  transparency over work in progress and provides the opportunity for further collaboration.

With staff located in a variety of time zones we run international project teams and fit some aspects of our ‘way of working’ to align with our client timezones.  To communicate with empathy through non-verbal cues we encourage the use of  Zoom.us video conferencing for meetings such as client briefings, business analysis, consulting, training and feature/story elaboration. We also run our internal meeting processes via zoom.us for internal scrum stand-ups, backlog elaboration and retrospectives.

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