Over 16 years in the industry

Our story

In the spring of 2001 two young, creative and confident Canberrans entered an ACT Government office building in the city’s CBD to register a new business. Based on reputation, talented staff and hard work the business picked up a small number of projects and used the earned revenue to re-invest in our modest start for Link Digital.

Now, more than 16 years later we have a solid track record of success but remain driven by the same innocence and curiosity that was first seeded by creativity and confidence in 2001.

We have expanded from Canberra into Sydney, Perth, Kharkiv and our next stop is Berlin. Our ideas and impact have grown too.

Born digital and creative, our curiosity and ideas have opened us to data in all its beauty and power. Today, we are creators, makers and masters with a deeply meaningful connection to our work.

We are a global open information technology company which brings together a unique mix of creativity, strategic advice and technical expertise to help our clients create meaningful change with open data.

Our values



Find the joy of innovation in all we do


Deliver with purpose and commitment



Architect trust through openness and respect


Learn, practice and teach to release our best



Work together with discipline and determination

Our leadership team

Steven De Costa
Executive Director
Steven De Costa
Executive Director
Angela Hulford
General Manager
Angela Hulford
General Manager
Iaroslav Pereiaslovets
Operations Manager
Iaroslav Pereiaslovets
Operations Manager

Our way of working

At Link Digital our way of working is heavily influenced by our vision; To create meaningful change and, we do this by remaining true to our core values.

As an open information technology company with a largely distributed and growing team, with a similarly distributed list of clients growing around the world, our day to day operations are supported by tools and strong engagement with open communities.

We are highly engaged as a Gold Member of the CKAN Association, with several staff directly involved in the Association steering group, community and technical teams. This involvement benefits our clients as we act as proxy for their interest in CKAN’s technical road map, update releases and sustainability initiatives.

As an agile team, we employ Scrum methodology work managed via one-week sprints. Jira provides our clients with direct and immediate  transparency over work in progress and provides the opportunity for further collaboration.

With staff located in a variety of time zones we run international project teams and fit some aspects of our ‘way of working’ to align with our client timezones.  To communicate with empathy through non-verbal cues we encourage the use of  Zoom.us video conferencing for meetings such as client briefings, business analysis, consulting, training and feature/story elaboration. We also run our internal meeting processes via zoom.us for internal scrum stand-ups, backlog elaboration and retrospectives.

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