Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services

Link Digital makes extensive use of Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure and components to build and maintain highly available environments for open data portals and various other client applications.

With AWS, we deliver the most reliable, flexible and scalable solutions across: hosting, load balancing, storage, transcoding etc.

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Why AWS?

Presently, Amazon Web Services has more than 100k customers in more than 190 countries. With multiple locations around the world, this is a huge global cloud infrastructure to tap into. In the cloud computing space, AWS is the most agile, cost effective, proven and secure choice. Link was early to the party, partnering with AWS when they first started operations in Australia in 2012. They have remained our choice for giving our clients optimised data availability, integrity and flexibility.

Data durability due to replication of information across multiple redundant storage arrays.

Highly secure data due to regular audits of infrastructural security by AWS.

Large number of geographical locations with multiple points of presence within each allow highly available environments to be built.

Economies of scale mean pay-as-you-go infrastructure is very cost effective.

Scale up or scale out your computing resources effortlessly.

Environments can “self-heal” by making use of Auto Scaling Groups and Elastic Load Balancers to automatically replace problem instances.

Simple to create private networks which ensure no data can be intercepted in transit within AWS’ network.


Globally distributed DNS

AWS Route53 provides highly available DNS hosting for internal and external purposes.

Elastic Load Balancer

Highly available managed load balancers provide stability and redundancy to any web application, allowing any number of instances to serve content seamlessly to the client.

A scalable and reliable cloud services platform perfect for any type and size of business.

Isolated database and file system

Utilising the Relational Database Service and Elastic File System we can ensure that databases and application files are hosted completely independently of each other within fully redundant, highly available managed services.

Policy based autoscaling

The underlying instances serving different parts of an application are automatically increased or decreased in response to events like a burst of traffic or high latency.

Network isolation

Each environment, from development, testing to production, is self-contained within its own network. Each network has its own set of subnets, access control lists and security groups to ensure security of the infrastructure within.

Automated daily snapshots

All production data is backed up daily using EBS snapshots. Snapshots are incremental block level backups stored in the highly redundant S3 storage and allow point in time restoration of whole volumes at the click of a button.

How we can help

If a list of requirements is provided, can you design a solution to match?

Absolutely. We have AWS certified architects on staff who can design and deploy a solution to meet any requirement you may have.

I have my own hosting and AWS account but I need help. Can you assist?

While we cannot immediately provide ongoing management of existing infrastructure that was not setup by Link, we can certainly provide consulting and advice on the best way forward. We can also provide assistance in re-architecting or re-building your environment which allows us to provide ongoing support, if required.