Your great product starts right here

Over the past 18 years, Link Digital has developed a solid expertise in building custom, built-to-specification online applications based on CKAN and Drupal.

Applying Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) approach allows our DevOps team to efficiently manage applications even with the most sophisticated infrastructure code. Our customers include government, commercial and non-profit organisations.

Our approach

At Link Digital we strive for mastery in the work we do for both our clients and ourselves. The projects we undertake, and managed services we provide, are envisioned from first principles and brought together from concept to reality through a process very much aligned with product development.

Product Concept

Concepts emerge from the experience and context found in both the tools we use and the use cases to which they are applied. Internal products are born from our own concepts while external client products emerge from needs analysis and ideation.



Concepts are tested and refined against knowledge and insight gained through research. Our Product Owner’s accumulate as much general and specific information about the applied utility to form a theoretical understanding of where value can be obtained and maximised.


Iterative Design & Development

Ideas are tested early and often via proofs of concept which guide further improvement and competitively test competing approaches. Leading toward a cohesive solution architecture and user centred design.


Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

After successful validation the minimum valuable product is developed for market ready / production ready deployment.

Minimum Viable Product

Continuous Improvement

Products are concurrently managed to ensure operational consistency and quality while also undergoing improvement. Change management is integrated with release cycles to ensure users and operational staff are informed and empowered by both functional and non functional improvements.


Our case studies