Our Partners

Community Partners

Our mission at Link Digital is to create meaningful change and you can’t do that, for certain, without putting a little skin in the game. The following partners are those where we contribute in-kind and in some cases financially.

The reward to Link Digital is simple. Even if our commercial work is initiated and undertaken with the public good in mind, there is no guarantee that the work couldn’t have been achieved by some other commercial agreement with another party. As a team, we don’t wake up in the morning to spend our time working at ‘just another company’.

In the case where we support our community partners, especially in the absence of alternatives for such support, we know that we are adding to the public good and the contribution we make will add to some measure of meaningful change. This is what gets our team moving!

Open Knowledge Ethiopia

Technology and Innovation Partners

There are some amazing technologies and organisations out there. To ensure our solutions are empowered by excellent infrastructure, tooling and supply chain options we invest in trusting relationships and productive collaboration via a select group of partners.

Commercial Partners

Link Digital’s commercial partner program brings specialist CKAN hosting, support and integration services into the range of more clients, supporting the expansion of enterprise open data solutions upon which Governments, corporations and academic institutions rely.

Local knowledge and skills are a vital part of successful open data programs. The development of local capability is also an effective way to create meaningful change in an area of work which has a substantial opportunity to create public good.


The process for establishing a commercial partnership with Link Digital is simple.


  • Get in touch and let us know about the type of work you’d like to do in your region.
  • Sign our Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) which covers the partnership discussion process.
  • Together we work through any partnership conditions in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
  • With the MoU in place we then work together in good faith to identify, mature and secure new opportunities.
  • When securing the first partnership sale we form a Project Collaboration Agreement
  • Upon contracting the first sale, the partnership is formalised as per the MoU and you are issued your Certificate of Partnership.