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We have completely changed the way we think about data…

…and we have stopped asking ‘why’ data should be shared and are instead asking ‘how’.

The importance of data – its social, economic and environmental benefits – has led to the understanding that data needs to be opened up to its full potential. CKAN is a tool that enables this publishing pathway. Think of a content management system like WordPress, but for data. A means of making data more discoverable, more accessible, and open to deeper and independent analysis, even beyond its original purpose.


The CKAN data management platform is open source, free and (user) community led. It is used by numerous governments, organisations and communities all around the world to make their data discoverable. Being open source means there are no license fees, and you retain all rights to the data and metadata you enter.

A focal point for maximising data asset utility.

Existing data management systems can interface directly, over a secure API endpoint.

Greater visibility and access to enterprise wide data assets.

Data access and discovery will improve as each data source is connected.

Concentrated attention and quality review checkpoints both during initial dataset registration and ongoing dataset updates.

Controlled vocabularies improve metadata quality, improving search and access paths.

Data remains valued in it’s local and primary use context while gaining attributes which make it readily available for multiple reuse scenarios.

Continuous data investment and return cycles.



CKAN’s Action API is a powerful, RPC-style API that exposes all of CKAN’s core features to API clients.


The CKAN DataStore extension provides an ad hoc database for storage of structured data from CKAN resources.

Link Digital is recognised as one of few companies that can provide an end-to-end service surrounding data publishing on CKAN.


Extensions provide advanced geospatial features, covering data preview, search, and discovery. Ability to preview where structured data with location information is.


A CKAN portal provides a rich set of metadata for each dataset.


CKAN’s data previewing tool has a host of powerful features for previewing data stored in the DataStore.

Publish and Manage Data

An intuitive web interface allows publishers and curators to easily register, update and refine datasets.

Search and Discovery

CKAN provides a rich search experience which allows for quick ‘Google-style’ keyword search as well as faceting by tags and browsing between related datasets.


FileStore allows users to upload data and image files.

Our goal in creating the Analyze Boston platform is to better fulfil the promise of open data and open government by seeing open data not just as a collection of data sets but as a platform for sharing knowledge

Andrew Therriault
Andrew Therriault Chief Data Officer, Boston

[The CKAN community] is invested in a product that works for so many people and is repeatable, sustainable and delivering on the needs of the open Government community

Ashley Casovan, CKAN Association Chair
Ashley Casovan Lead of Data and Open Source Architecture, Government of Canada

Source: Recorded at IODC 2016, CKAN Association YouTube Channel.

The big win with open data... really making it part of the infrastructure for supporting civil society.

Steven De Costa
Steven De Costa Executive Director, Link Digital

Source: Introduction to the 2016 CKAN Miniconf, Canberra.

How we can help

Q: Can I integrate CKAN with my CMS or existing catalogues?

Yes, it is ‘white-label’ software as smooth integration is important for many users. The standard recommendation is for side-by-side integration.
Extensions for Drupal and WordPress integration also exist, and the API makes it straightforward to add support for other CMSs and third-party catalogues.

Q: How often is CKAN updated?

We apply security patches as they are released. Major release updates are done on clients’ request, however, we do proactively suggest these where they provide benefit for our clients.

Q: How much does CKAN cost?

CKAN is open source, free software. This means that you can use it without any license fees but more importantly when you choose CKAN for your catalogue, you are also ensuring that you retain all rights to the data and metadata you enter. This allows you the freedom to move it elsewhere or manipulate it with your own tools without restriction.

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