Creating meaningful change with open data 

Recognised value

We are engaged in a variety of projects. The following visualisation represents the breakdown of value we have provided to client initiatives over the last 12 months, segmented by areas of expertise.

0 Drupal


Our CKAN and open data experts provide managed CKAN hosting, support, extension development and theming to clients globally, and we are recognised as a co-steward of the CKAN Project.

AWS, Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

We provide managed hosting, support and cloud architecture services to the non-profit, Government and education sectors and are recognised via the Public Sector and Open Data partner programs.

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Drupal & GovCMS

We develop digital experiences, services and dashboards with a strong emphasis on supporting content authors and end users. Since 2012, we have leveraged our years of experience in Drupal-based projects.

One of our greatest strengths is our globally sourced talent pool.

We have access to experts from around the world, who can bring additional knowledge and skills to your project. And don’t forget, we already have an exceptional team in place with a wealth of skills and expertise to offer.