Are you thinking of using CKAN to publish your data but have no idea how the tool works?  Familiar with CKAN but don’t have adequate knowledge to install it yourself? Link Digital might have a solution for you.

CKAN is an open-source data management system (DMS) commonly used by government institutions, organisations and other open data players to manage and publish their data. With CKAN, users can easily access, search and view data in different forms including graphs, tables, maps, etc.

No matter how great as a tool, not everyone has sufficient knowledge and capabilities to maximise this open-source DMS. Sure, there are a lot of companies like Link Digital offering CKAN hosting and management, but what if you only have a small amount of data to provide and are wondering if CKAN fits your requirement? Gladly, Link Digital (known for its various open data initiative including configured pre-built versions of CKAN instances. These instances are available on AWS Marketplace which you can install by only paying for the AWS Instance.

In addition, should the traffic to your CKAN portal outgrows what a single instance can handle, you can opt to upgrade any time by getting in touch with the Link Digital team.

CKAN by Link Digital

Link Digital CKAN is a pre-configured, ready-to-run image for running CKAN on Amazon EC2. This pre-built CKAN created by the Link Digital team makes it easier for anyone to use the aforementioned data management tool even if you have little or no knowledge about it.

CKAN delivered by Link Digital is suited for:

  • People without prior knowledge but want to try to use CKAN
  • People looking for a starting point to use CKAN cheaply
  • People with small amount of data
  • People who are curious whether CKAN fits their requirements

Currently, the Link Digital team have configured a pre-setup Link Digital CKAN instance available for anyone with an AWS account.

Learn more

For instructions on how to update CKAN to the latest minor version, check out:

If you are unable to follow the instructions or you need further help in upgrading your instances for more complex environments, talk with one of our CKAN experts today or visit