Secure Data Exchange

Your platform to exchange, categorise and secure your organisation's data.​

Secure Data Exchange (SDE) is a powerful, seamless, flexible, easy to use tool for data custodians to manage the complete lifecycle of their data across multiple departments, organisational branches, and internal and external data users, in a controlled access environment.

Key features

SDE leverages Link Digital’s significant expertise in building data sharing applications with the power and flexibility of the software known as the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN), to simplify complex data sharing and delivery across large organisations. 

Structured data sharing while keeping flexibility and control

SDE enables structured and secure data sharing that allows government departments and other large organisations to retain control of their important data while reaping the benefits of collaboration from its sharing.

Image GDE secured data delivery

Improve the visibility of who is using your data

Data custodians have the right to know what is going on with their data. SDE provides a streamlined, and easy to use and interpret dashboard where they can view all data requests, their status (pending, final approval, ended), and all data sharing agreements. This includes the ability to revoke approval to use data.

img improve visibility


A customised metadata scheme is incorporated into the workflow of the SDE system. This complies with the criteria set out in the latest Data Catalog Vocabulary standards, designed to facilitate interoperability between data catalogs.

Building trust and accountability

The SDE simplifies data sharing and creates explicit approval protocols, allowing data custodians to maintain control and accountability over their data. The streamlined approval procedure builds confidence that data can be shared between departments and clusters, improves transparency in the use of data, and helps foster a culture of trust and mutual accountability around data sharing within organisations.

Single data point of truth

Clarity around your data delivery

SDE allows users to see all their data in one place. This ensures that there is one source of truth for custodian’s data sets, preventing aged or incorrect data from being shared. 

Link Digital can integrate SDE into a data lake, data stores, etc, so that the data sharing agreement is always pointing to the most up-to-date data in core systems. This all sits behind corporate Identity Access and Management systems, allowing confidence when users are updated on the core security platform. 

Iclarity around data delivery