My experience is that being authentic is the only tactic to consider when communicating online. When people ask me about SEO in Canberra I begin to sit somewhat uncomfortably in my chair and I start to explain things from my own learned experience with the keywords of “Canberra web design”. If I have access to a whiteboard then I tend to run through what the world wide web is, how domains develop authority via content and links from other authoritative sources and how the whole business of SEO is about competing for the highest position for SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages.

Importantly, I run through a pre-qualification checklist to determine whether a client should even care about SEO from the outset. That is, what is the actual volume of people searching on the terms you want to game and what is the likelihood that a good SERP is going to actually make your life any better. I’ve heard some horror stories about people being sucked in by ‘SEO Marketing Experts’ who ultimately fail to deliver any tangible business benefits for their clients simply because they are chasing the contract rather than consulting on the fundamental feasibility of whether or not SEO is even worth any investment at all.

‘Canberra Web Design’ is pretty much what Link Digital is about. From a non-SEO perspective I think Link Digital has earned its stripes in this space after providing  Canberra with web design and development expertise for over a decade.  Right now Link  is at the top of its game. We are working with some of the most prominent corporate brands in Canberra, such as ACTTAB, Village Building, The Canberra Theatre and UberGlobal. At the same time we are working with a range of Federal Government clients on spectacular projects which we think stand us apart from our local competition. We provided the responsive design approach for the new Human Services site, we are working with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet on their new site and we are also in the middle of a design and development process for the Murray-Darling Basin Commission.

To add to the name dropping of clients, Link’s executive management team are also forging ahead within the web industry and local community. Our managing director, Jessica Salvage, has developed a highly reputable standing in the local sports administration community through her ongoing activities, while I have been very active on a global stage within the Drupal Association and have worked hard to secure Link’s standing as an enterprise grade consulting partner within the cloud services and enterprise hosting space.

Now the purpose of this post is what?

Well, one can count a self-referential statement as one. In this case we can count this entire post as being self-referential for the purpose of generating greater impact against the SERP of ‘Canberra Web Design’. However, as mentioned at the start of the article, being authentic is the only tactic you should employ when communicating online.  This post, while being designed to generate better ranking under the search term of ‘Canberra web design’, is nonetheless authentic in its delivery of information to those who I hope will come to read it.

The fact is, SEO is not a bad thing. If you engage with the opportunity to game your SERPs with the view that its simply a challenge in communicating the already evident value you can provide to those who will hopefully find you via a search engine then I think you are on the right path. If, however, you think you can artificially position your site above other more credible sites and somehow convince Google, Bing or others that your content is better than the rest – well, you’d better be prepared to back that up with reality or the SEO dollars you spend today will evaporate with the next indexing algorithm that is tuned to bring forward the true picture on what people want to see.

If you would like to receive some honest advice on SEO tactics for your site, especially if you are located in or around Canberra, then please feel free to get in touch.