Greg comes to us from a background in pure mathematics, receiving his Ph.D. studying the connections between the shape of certain bubble-like surfaces and how to optimally solve certain transportation problems. From there, he went on and applied his love of mathematics to research in clean energy, as a plasma physicist working in fusion science. As a fusion scientist he developed advanced statistical techniques to better understand how humanity might be able to harness the energy of the sun, as a future clean energy source. Recently, Greg has been working in the private sector as a Data Scientist, using his experience to tackle data problems in finance, inventory management and business decision making.

As the Lead Data Scientist for Link Digital Greg will combine his research and private sector experience to enhance our CKAN, open data and data management services for a wide range of clients. His experience with multiple programming languages, big scientific data and private sector data add a depth of knowledge to our existing team which has already demonstrated immense value.

Link currently holds support and maintenance contracts with Federal and State open data portals throughout Australia. Providing enterprise level platform stability and real time insights from this large set of data is an area where we are actively making investments. Appointing a Lead Data Scientist is a necessary step for our company as the value of data comes from its application within the context of how end users would like it to be delivered.