Link Digital contributed to the official presentation of a true-story tragedy directed by Sotiris Dounoukos.

Joe Cinque’s consolation is a screen adaptation of a tragic true story written by Helen Garner. Using the example of two young students, the psychological drama explores the tragedy of indifference and responsibility denial in society.

Link Digital contributed to the official film’s presentation at the Melbourne International Film Festival on September 30.  

It wasn’t our first collaboration with Sotiris Dounoukos, the Director of Joe Cinque’s consolation, — we made an online launch for his award-winning short film A Single Body before.

All design work for the first iteration of the film’s official website was done by our Lead Designer, Dante Lusso. As the Development was run through two sprints, it allowed Sotiris to monitor the state of work and refine on the process immediately. Being advanced users of Scrum methodology, all the Link members involved worked collaboratively to create a responsive design and implement a socially significant project.

Link is proud to be part of the Arts Community.

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Joe Cinque's Consolation Online screens