Congratulations to the full production team, investors and everyone behind Joe Cinque’s Consolation, the official trailer release today looks great.

Link Digital has been supporting the project since 2014 and remains involved in digital promotion and advertising.

In cooperation with the film Director, Sotiris Dounoukos, we launched the official website for Joe Cinque’s Consolation earlier in the year.

The website provides information about the film, Helen Garner’s bestselling book, the creative team and the film’s gallery.

Timed with the release of the trailer, Joe Cinque’s consolation is now represented via official accounts on YouTube and Facebook.

The film will be screening in all major Australian cities on 13 October. You can follow updates on locations where the film will be screening in October via Facebook. You can also expect a range of updates on the website as we add more content during the lead up to the premier date, 13 October 2016.