CKAN is a community-led open data platform increasingly used by peak organisations and Government agencies worldwide, with strong support from enterprise vendors.

So, where are all the CKAN Developers this week?

As a member of the CKAN Association Steering Group Link Digital’s Executive Director, Steven De Costa, is heavily involved in activities surrounding CKANCon. On the 4th of October he will be presenting a showcase of Link Digital’s projects to demonstrate the diverse ways we have leveraged its data management capabilities across the Government, Community, Construction and Finance sectors.

When thinking of creating an open data platform, which data management system (DMS) is likely to be among the first questions to arise. CKAN (The Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network), a web-based open source data management system, has proved itself to be the one of the leading solutions.

CKAN is a community-led open data platform increasingly used by peak organisations and Government agencies worldwide, with strong support from enterprise vendors.

This year, to the delight of the large open source community, there is a chance at the CKANCon in Madrid for advanced users and platform managers to delve into CKAN together…

CKANCon is an IODC pre-event that brings together CKAN developers, advanced open source specialists, open data advocates and policy makers from all over the world. It is a unique one-day opportunity for those new to open source to learn first-hand about how CKAN is used worldwide, and what value it brings to its users.

Up to 20 guest speakers and steering group members will share insights on their CKAN implementations. It will be a major showcase of open data portals, useful extensions and best practices all based on CKAN.

The conference is divided into three sessions, including separate Technical and Government tracks, where senior representatives from many Governments worldwide, including Australia, Canada, and the United States, are confirmed to both speak and attend. At the end of the conference, all guests are invited to participate in the public steering group meeting and contribute to the development of the technical and business roadmap for 2017. This is followed by a special social event in the evening.

Hundreds of open data portals around the world are based on CKAN, 1,300 people follow the project on GitHub and many more follow updates on twitter.

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