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Link Digital’s Lead Developer Officially Joins CKAN Technical Team

By Kate Svetocheva | Published: 23/05/2017

We are delighted to announce that our Lead Python/CKAN Developer Sergey Motornyuk has officially joined the CKAN Technical Team.

Sergey’s CKAN journey started in 2014 when he joined Link Digital’s development team based in Ukraine.

Since that time, Sergey has contributed over 590 commits to CKAN СoreCKAN Extensions and various DataShades repositories on GitHub.

What does CKAN Technical Team do?

The technical team  are  the “official  committers ” for the CKAN software. The team has a number of responsibilities such as technical documentation, releases, QA, managing code contributions,  organising  Dev meetups and  many  more.

What does this change mean to Link Digital?

Most of Link Digital’s clients are Government agencies willing to share their data with the community through the use of open source software, specifically, CKAN. 

CKAN Technical Team membership, as well as a CKAN Association Steering group membership, is a great opportunity for Link Digital to facilitate the development of the CKAN project whilst taking into consideration the needs and interests of our customers.

To learn more about CKAN Technical Team visit:

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