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An Exciting Collaboration with

By Kate Svetocheva | Published: 17/07/2017


A few months ago, we teamed up with to co-develop an extension that would facilitate open data sharing for CKAN users around the world.

As a CKAN Association member, Link Digital is heavily involved in activities surrounding CKAN. An opportunity to collaborate with, the creator of a popular networking platform for people working with data, was not only an exciting experience but also a great chance to make a contribution to the open source community.

About ckanext-datadotworld

The extension allows ckan data portal administrators to automatically replicate the published data to a profile.
By linking your data to, you accelerate its discovery, thereby facilitate the resolution of important issues.

For its extensive and customizable API, CKAN is easy to integrate even with a custom platform, such as

The ckanext-datadotworld extension is completely open-source and is available for download on GitHub today. If you would like to trial the extension on please contact us on

Watch the video guide on LinkDigitalTV

About is a US-based company that strives to build the most meaningful, collaborative, and abundant data resource in the world.
Launched in July 2016, the company has built a network that makes it easier for people who work with data to collaborate and solve important problems.  

For more information, visit

More information about ckanext-datadotworld can be found on the CKAN blog.

To download the extension: 
To view other Datashades extensions: 


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