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Celebrate International Open Data Day with CKAN Demo Day!

Thursday, March 7 @ 5:30 pm AEDT

In recognition of International Open Data Day, we’re thrilled to invite you to a unique ‘First Thursday’ showcase event—CKAN Demo Day. This session will spotlight innovative projects and stories from the vibrant CKAN community, with a special focus on contributions connected to Australia.

CKAN, the world-renowned open-source data management platform, has been pivotal in advancing open data initiatives across the globe. It serves as a digital public good, supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by facilitating data accessibility and collaboration.

Join us for an inspiring hour with host Steven De Costa, spotlighting the latest batch of video demonstrations from individuals and teams doing remarkable things with CKAN. Whether it’s Australian data portals or global initiatives with an Australian link, you’ll discover the diverse ways CKAN is being utilized today to drive data openness and innovation. 

Sign up and we look forward to seeing you in the First Thursday of March, not our regular day or time. A unique Open Data Day exception.

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Our host

Steven De Costa

Steven De Costa

Chairman at Link Digital and Co-Steward at the CKAN Project

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