Earlier this year, Link Digital rebooted its collaboration with one of Canberra’s best-known property developers, Village Building Co., a client we have been working with since 2004. We launched a series of new websites for development projects, culminating with a new corporate website launch in July.

A new marketing strategy was first developed and pitched in partnership with Threesides Marketing, who was brought into the team to help support Village’s incoming CEO, Travis Doherty. A 360-degree review of all communications revealed a list of high-value recommendations which were prioritized ahead of the 1 July launch of a refreshed corporate brand.

With over 25 years of experience building communities, a still growing Village Building Co. has organically developed its approach to sales and marketing with only a few strategic reviews undertaken over the last ten years. Key areas where we are building capability include process automation and digital marketing, supported by data and insights that are being written into the processes flow.

The vision is to provide internal transparency for those working over all aspects of the product development, marketing and sales. We’ve named this as the Smart Village initiative and are continuing to work on process support features that enable greater clarity and collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.

Technically, we are running a Drupal CMS with multisite to support a corporate site, internal communications blog and landing pages. This is all deployed within Amazon Web Services and the process support features are being designed from the ground up within an API-first software architecture model. This will make it easier to extend and connect processes within Village while also offering the opportunity for third party integration should Village elect to partner with third parties for any part of the process.

Link Digital is excited to be involved in the project aimed at developing sustainable communities across Australia both for the current and future generations. We’re also very excited about being able to bring our more recently developed expertise in data management systems to such a long standing and valuable client.