With news of recent open data initiatives from major technical and financial organisations we are witnessing an inflection point, with the recognition of both the commercial and social value of open data. The benefits of open data and powerful AI enabled analytics are driving investment in open data programs across the ecosystem.

A few months ago Microsoft launched their Open Data Campaign to address the looming “data divide” and help organizations of all sizes realize the benefits of data and the new technologies it powers.  

“We believe everyone can benefit from opening, sharing and collaborating around data to make better decisions, improve efficiency and even help tackle some of the world’s most pressing societal challenges.” Closing the data divide: the need for open data

Microsoft has been a late player into the open data space, but we welcome their initiative and expect this will drive a deeper understanding and adoption of open data across broader areas as more toolsets are developed to utilize open data.

Our partner of many years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also been a regular contributor to investment and discussion on open data, leading initiatives across numerous sectors to provide greater access and usability for the world’s largest and most significant public datasets.

As witnesses to the growing recognition of the value of open data, and as stewards of open source tool sets, Link Digital has established skill sets and experience to deliver mature governance and implementation of open data platforms for our partners and clients.