Update: 9 March

At this time our team members are all in the process of relocating to safer locations within Ukraine or have completed such relocations. Despite the most existential set of challenges, our team’s productivity remains high and disruption to work in progress remains minimal.  

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our clients over the past two weeks.

Seven members of our amazing team are based in conflict zones within Ukraine. This is a difficult situation and this is what we have done:

  • Established a safe house for the team in Poland.
  • Organised an emergency support payment for each team member.
  • Committed to stand ready to support them, whatever they might need.

As a company we can not control what is happening in the areas where our team members live, Kharkiv and Odessa, but we can control how we respond to the situation.

Our response will always be to support our team.

This response may have impacts on our clients and we will work collaboratively with them over the weeks and months ahead to keep them informed regarding our capacity to deliver and timeframes for doing so. This is our standard operating process, so nothing is changing in this regard.

All of our managed services remain supported. There is no diminished capacity regarding our hosting and support capabilities.

As a company, Link Digital recognises that our team in Ukraine needs support and this is not something we will walk away from. We will keep all of our Ukraine staff employed and paid, no matter how many story points they are able to deliver.

For many years this company, and all of our clients, have benefited from the amazing talent of Ukraine’s IT professionals. We have developed strong bonds of trust, respect and friendship with Ukraine. We will not walk away, we will stand and support our team.

Our company’s response to the situation in Ukraine may have some impact on our clients. Our client’s may need to be more patient, they may even need to cover some additional costs for new options that will complete project work and provide the resourcing for new projects. However, these are matters which Angela and myself can manage. These are matters which our product owners, Iaroslav and Rupak, can manage. These are matters which Phil, Taleatha, Joel and others in our team can manage.

What Link Digital will not do, is put the burden of managing the impact of conflict back onto our team members in Ukraine to manage.

Link Digital Team in Kharkiv, 2019
Link Digital Team in Kharkiv, 2019