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Alex Sadleir joins Link Digital as Head of Data Publishing and Visualisation

By Steven De Costa | Published: 16/08/2013

Alex is the primary developer behind Lobbylens.  Which, as an online Government 2.0 project, was Winner of the 2009 “GovHack” event and was 3rd prize in the Mashup Australia competition. The Lobbylens project required the integration of several government datasets in an informative way to present complex data in a unique and understandable way.

As the head of our Data Publishing and Visualisation area Alex will work within the Government, academic research and corporate sectors to provide a range of highly specialised data publishing services.

Alex has experience in software development, data mining and warehousing, managing software quality processes and developing and delivering client focused software projects.

As Link Digital holds the ckan based hosting and support contract for (deployed on AWS), Alex will be kept very busy with a roadmap of enhancements we aim to contribute to the open source  ckan project.

One of his first responsibilities after joining Link in September will be to attend the Open Knowledge conference in Geneva.

Link has a strong commitment to providing Australian and State Government agencies with enterprise level support for open source platforms. As an Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services we have developed specific expertise in the managed hosting and support of both Drupal and ckan deployments.


Mike Bazaluk

Open data is a good concept for assisting groups to open up data & info, but also to all further extend capacity or other groups in (civil) society groups to make use of data for intrepretation such as analysis purposes or even for visualisation, so as to present information that can aid and assist individuals, groups and communities,

The use of data may contain risks IHMO in that vested interests within departments, the desire to maintain revenue from closed data sets, also confusion in the cross over of related data on the role of who works with data e.g. is this a payroll department "thing" or should it be addressed by resources?

Interpretation could be is risk of enmasse data without correct understanding of what you actually have in front of you this could affect both individuals, customers and consumers,

Finally the protection and assurance of the privacy risks needs to be worked out and explained, re assuring the use of the data, and the individual. Also monitoring and restricting access to particular individuals that may utilise information for a "non intended purpose"

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