DrupalGov Canberra was held at the National Museum of Australia on February 8th 2016, bringing together the best Drupal talent in the country to address challenges specific to the public sector.

I was there to deliver a session covering the opportunity surrounding Drupal and CKAN open data portals. There are a number of easy ways to integrate the two projects to improve data publishing, discoverability and visualisation.

Thanks to the volunteers from Drupal ACT the session was recorded and can now be found online. You can watch the embedded version below, or view the Drupal, CKAN and Public Data session on DrupalGov’s YouTube Channel. You can also browse the complete playlist of DrupalGov 2016 sessions.

Link Digital provides both CKAN and Drupal development, hosting and support services for various clients around Australia and worldwide. We are active in the CKAN community and are long term supporters of both the Drupal Association and the CKAN Association. Some of the portals we currently manage include:




(CKAN and Drupal)


(CKAN and Drupal)


(CKAN and Drupal)



(CKAN and Drupal)

We also manage a number of private Information Asset Registers based on CKAN for various Government agencies and jurisdictions.