This Saturday, 24 October from noon, please join me and other panelists for a 2020 Connected Conversations roundtable discussion, as we come together to explore the following big questions from a truly global perspective:

The New Public Dialogue

  • What are the new ways of sharing ideas for change?
  • What’s working? And…?
  • What else do we need to make a real impact on climate, Covid-19 reset, the Global Goals and emerging global/local challenges?

The New Public Purpose

  • What are the new ways we need to act together?
  • How do we mobilise resources, public will and unified approaches?
  • How do we create new value through more collaborative and responsive approaches?

In a time of global crisis, 2020 Connected Conversations aims to showcase a critical mass of linked dialogues to also demonstrate to government and public institutions that grassroots conversation can make a valued contribution to shaping new ways forward.

Aligned with the UN75 global dialogue program, the Asia-Pacific session I’m attending will be framed by the UN75 issues and will contribute to the global insights capture process.

Register here, selecting the ASIA Pacific region, to join the audience of attendees.