Additional Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN)-related video tutorials by one of Link Digital’s global team of CKAN experts, Sergey Motornyuk, have been uploaded to our YouTube channel

One of the main open source technological solutions we use to build data management systems, CKAN is what Link Digital refer to as out-of-the-box software, that is it can work immediately once it is deployed and hosted on a web server. But it also comes with a wealth of extensions and plugins that can significantly increase its functionality. And, as a CKAN ‘co-steward’ and one of its largest contributing developers, we are keen to assist CKAN’s users and contributors to get the most from these.

A further ten videos have been uploaded, covering the following topics:

The fundamentals of HyperText Markup Language (HTML): the standard markup language used to create and design web pages.

Leaning Cascading Style Sheets or CSS: the language used for describing the presentation and layout of HTML documents, which allows web developers to control the appearance of web pages.

Boosting your skills in Linux Terminal: a text-based interface used to interact with the Linux open source operating system.

Docker, Git, and container management in Linux: an introduction to Docker, an open source platform that allows developers to develop, deploy, and run applications using containers. Sergey also discusses Git, a version control system that can track changes in source code during software development and enables multiple developers to collaborate on the same project simultaneously.

An introduction to Flask: a web framework for the widely used programming language, Python

An introduction to JavaScript: a programming language mainly used for creating interactive web pages.

Exploring Web JavaScript: the use of JavaScript in web development, particularly in the creation of interactive features in web pages.

Exploring Docker and SQL: the use of Docker for allowing for seamless container setup and management and SQL, a domain-specific language required for database operations. 

An introduction to SQLAlchemy, an open source tool kit that enables developers to interact with databases using Python, a free, widely used open-source programming language, explored in the first two of Sergey’s instructional videos, here and here.

Developing a collaborative and flexible search system using the two open Solr and Redis, two pieces of open source software that can enable search functionality in web applications.

The videos are in Russian language but non-Russian speakers are able to listen to them by utilising the Chrome Browser plugin called Language Reactor, available here.

  • Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button,
  • Then click on the ‘Add Extension’ button in the pop-up window.

The plugin will then be added to the Chrome browser extensions and made available (and running) when viewing Sergey’s videos on YouTube. Other languages, apart from English, are also available.

Further instructional videos by Sergey will be made available on Link Digital’s YouTube in March. The videos represent one of the most comprehensive and detailed collections of CKAN instructional videos available on the Internet. 

They complement the CKAN installation and walk-through videos already posted on our YouTube channel by another one of our CKAN developers, Brett Jones.

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