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Beer and Pizza with Link Digital (AKA Online Communications Workshop)

By Steven De Costa | Published: 21/06/2012

Link Digital is starting an informal series of online communications workshops, with the first being planned for August. We’re interested to hear requests on the topics people would like us to cover. At this point we are considering a Federal Government focused session first, covering the following:

  1. Responsive design – a lightly technical and mostly user centric run through of considerations when designing sites for desktop, mobile and tablet variations. We’ll use the Department of Human Services site as an example.  The new site which Link Digital designed and templated for mobile, tablet and desktop went live on 16 June 2012.
  2. The mechanics of effective web teams – we have 10+ years of experience running a studio that needs to manage and deliver on multiple projects at any one time. Government web teams deal with the same responsibilities and face the same problems. We’d like to share some tips on how to setup, improve or simply work with a team responsible for developing and maintaining a diverse set of online assets. In this session Jessica Salvage will be able to share highlights from the work she’s done in establishing the 3-5 year web management plan for FaHCSIA.
  3. Web content management systems, open source and open data – lots of Agencies appear to be considering or deploying Drupal, how much do you know about it? Well, the CMS you use isn’t as important as how to go about using it and there are a few things to think about. We’d like to explore three very different CMS platforms and once again take a lightly technical and mostly user centric approach on the exploration of Drupal 7, WordPress 3.4 and LinkCMS 3.3 (for those that don’t know about LinkCMS, it powers a growing list of sites). We also want to get people thinking about the data behind some of their content and how they might aggregate and expose it in meaningful ways for others to consume.
  4. Building a social profile – running through anything to do with social media in a workshop with Government is a bit of a risk as many agencies are still coming to grips with their social media objectives, strategies and policies. However, there is a topic of universal interest that is easy to discuss without having run down too many rabbit holes along the way. If you strip away online engagement from social media channels and focus purely on the creation of a social profile driven by the content you publish on social platforms, then it’s easy to define a starting point for any Government agency to ‘pre-engage’ online with limited risk.
  5. Beer and Pizza – this will be a practical session within the workshop format. Having our studio right next door to Debacle in Braddon will deliver rewards for those who attend!

Date: Will be announced in the first week of July and is likely to be held in the second week of August.

Venue: Link Digital, 32 Lonsdale St Braddon

Registration: Just send us an email to let us know you’re interested. Once the date(s) are confirmed we’ll send out invites to everyone who expressed an interest.

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