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Link Digital Delivers on White House Open Data Commitments

By Kate Svetocheva | Published: 28/09/2016

Today the White House is assembling federal and private-sector leaders for the first-ever Open Data Innovation Summit, a follow-up event to the series of Open Data Roundtables that took place at the White House Executive Office earlier this year, concluding on 15 June.

Over the last few years, the Administration, led by President Barack Obama, has been intensely promoting and contributing to the concept of a transparent and collaborative government.

Link Digital, represented by Executive Director Steven De Costa, was proud to join the participants of the 4th Open Data Roundtable in Washington. At this session, dedicated to Public-Private Collaboration, we made two comittments, now both delivered.

Today's follow-up summit will showcase best practices and solutions achieved by private and nonprofit organizations through the use of U.S. open Government data.

The fact that for many private companies open data acts as a principal means of business development makes the improvement of its quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness a common goal both for entrepreneurs and government agencies.

At June's Roundtable session, Link Digital made two commitments we felt would assist the broader community of interest surrounding open data plaforms, specifically in relation to CKAN hosted platforms. 

Comittment 1: To publish, as open source, our recipie for building enterprise CKAN environments on Amazon Web Services. This is now delivered and available on GitHub under our DataShades account

Link Digital trades under Data Shades for our Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach to providing CKAN hosting services globally. 

Comittment 2: To establish a CKAN extension which integrates with GitHub to allow for Code + Data to be made more discoverable on existing open data portals. This too is now delivered as an apha release on GitHub

The CKAN extension provides open data platforms with a resource view for repositories, presenting some of the readily available statistics available via GitHub's API within the portal and under the same context of related datasets. 

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