Link Digital recently hosted a short session for our CKAN clients to update them on matters relating to the CKAN project. For those who could not attend, here you’ll find the agenda and notes along with a recording of the session.

If your organisation benefits from CKAN’s data management capability and you would like to contribute to this worthwhile open source project, please reach out to the co-stewards to let them know via The CKAN community would love to receive your support.

Agenda & Notes

  1. Updates on co-stewardship from Steven De Costa, with Q&A.
    1. Investment by co-stewards and public transparency.

      Funding for Adrià (Tech Team) and (New dev for CKAN, ref:

    2. Python 3 Initiative.

    3. Rebranding and community building.

      The draft rebrand represents a few things:
      (community) Hand crafted. CKAN is open source, built by hand by its contributors. The pattern and approach is available to all – you can ‘make it’ yourself.
      (contributors) CKAN is about shipping new releases – we need everyone in the boat, rowing together, etc.
      (users) CKAN is positioned above your data (lake), with a clear view toward each horizon. It can cast a line and retrieve whatever you like. It is ‘high viz’ with clearly visible sails, making your point of access to data clear for all to see and use.

  2. Update on Addis Ababa CKAN contributor team.
    Bati Taye (Funded by NSW Government)
    Nehemiah Tefera (Funded by Link Digital)

  3. Python 2.7 deprecation and impact for Australian portals. 
    1. Risks and mitigation.
      – Core code
      – Common extensions
      – Bespoke extensions

    2. Opportunity for collaboration.

  4. Australian participation in the Govt working group.

  5. Advancing CKAN beyond 2.9 and 3.0.

    PR from Ian Ward:
    Users could see concurrent edits, live validation checking and
    multiple simultaneous uploads built on this feature.

    There’s also some work remaining to merge the ckanext-composite
    features into ckanext-scheming so that it’s easier and cleaner to add
    repeating sub-forms to dataset, resource, group and org editing forms

  6. Other business and General discussion.


  1. Steven De Costa – Link Digital
  2. Angela Hulford – Link Digital
  3. Iaroslav Pereiaslovets – Link Digital
  4. Lance Berry 
  5. Marc Cerrafon 
  6. Shaun Epe
  7. Viet Duong 
  8. Jane Andrews
  9. Peter Bowen 

Action Items:

  1. Send Lance info re the Ethiopia initiative – Steven
  2. Decide on which ‘common’  extensions to estimate – Iaroslav (Operations)
  3. Setup each proposed project as an opportunity on reduced rates – Angela
  4. Send recording and notes to all invitees – Steven